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Do you want to start and run your own business online?
Do you want to be your own boss and ensure your own job security?
 If you want the independence and self esteem of running your own business, then starting and setting up your own business online is simple and effective. You can have your website with money earning adverts included. Setting up is very straightforward, it's cheap, effective and can supply you with a regular income from the web! Everything you need is included. You just need the will to do it! This Make Online Business site is designed to help you fulfill your goals.
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Baymaster presents the
Best adsense website and private label eBook offer yet!

Would you like to have your very own content rich, adsense filled website that will earn you money for years to come? And would you like an eBook of your very own with private label rights to promote it?

I know the answer to the question above is yes. I assure you that you will not find a better offer than the one I am about to present to you. You can have your very own website that uses some of the top paying keywords in Google's adsense program. This site will make you money while you sleep. "It gets better," I will provide you with your very own eBook on the same subject with private label rights.

Yes I have gone mad. I am about to offer you  websites with a choice of 7 designs. Simply choose the one you like the most. Then spend 2 minutes using the special software I have provided editing the google adsense code, add your clickbank ID, change the copyright notice, upload your website to your webspace and your done.
You now have a website that will earn you money for years to come.

Take a look at the choice of designs you have, you will receive all 7 websites.

This Months niche is all about Mortgages!

Site 1   Site 2   Site 3   Site 4  

Site 5   Site 6   Site 7

I'm sure you will agree that these are very nice websites indeed, you can personalise them any way you want, of course you will be using your own Adsense and Clickbank ID but you can also add your own affiliate links as you wish. If you can't make money from this website you can't make money anywhere, simple as that.

And I have made this amazing offer even better.
Included with the website is your very own handwritten eBook on the same subject. This is 100% fresh content containing over 4000 words. You get full private label rights meaning you can sign your name as the author and take all the credit. You could use this eBook in a number of ways including:-

1, Break the content down into articles and submit them to article directories, thus providing back links to your website.
2, Sell as an eBook with resale rights to create a viral product to promote your website.
3, Sell at a high price without resale rights from your website.
4, Give the eBook away as a bonus for subscribing to your mailing list.

You are only limited by your own imagination.

And now this incredible offer is even better. 

  • You wanted the adsense ads more predominant. You got it, I have been researching adsense in depth and have placed the ads in the best place possible to gain clicks.

  • You wanted the highest paying adsense keywords possible. You got it, although I strive to use only high paying keywords this is the highest paying keyword yet. The keyword 'mortgage' pays one of the highest rates on the net.

  • You wanted more help gaining website traffic. You got it, I have included an example eBook that will explain how to use the private label content to promote your website.

  • You wanted a plain white background website. You got it, there are now 7 sites to choose from.

  • You wanted more help in general. You always had it, the dedicated forum is there to help you whenever you need it. You can of course email me anytime for help and advice.

  • You wanted more advice on how to generate affiliate payments. You got it, mortgage companies pay upwards of £300 for a successful mortgage application. I will show you how to add affiliate links to your eBook and website. 

So what is Google Adsense anyway? I've never heard of it.
If you haven't heard of Google Adsense where have you been? Adsense is probably the easiest way to make money from any website. You must have visited websites and seen the term 'Ads by Google' How it basically works is you place a piece of code on your website and this displays adverts from google. If someone clicks on any of these ads you get paid. The amounts paid vary but for this site I have chosen high paying keywords and you will usually get well over £1.00 per click. You will notice in the websites above the google ads have a very good placement to get the maximum amount of clicks. It is very hard for a visitor to your website to ignore these ads as they are relevant to the content of your website. All you have to do is generate small amounts of traffic to your website and you can't fail to make money. It really is that simple. For more details click here.

Who are Clickbank and how will I earn money from them?
ClickBank has over 100,000 affiliates earning sales commissions from 1% to 75% on the sale of digital products. One of these products is promoted strongly in the website. You will earn 45% commission from every sale.
For more details click here

So what do I get for my £17.00?
You get all 7 websites above. Simply choose the one you like the most. Then spend 2 minutes using the special software I have provided editing the Google Adsense code, add your Clickbank ID, change the copyright notice, upload your website to your webspace and your done. You now have a website that will earn you money for years to come. You are in the online business.
You also get a 4000+ word eBook in doc format, you can do whatever you want with this, make an eBook (with or without resale rights) with your name as the author, create articles, make newsletters or ezines, the choice is yours.

In addition you get free access to the dedicated forum, where other members and experts alike will give any help or advice you may need in setting it all up. You really can't get a better offer than this.

Do I need anything else to run my website?
Yes, you will need a host and domain name. I will provide details of a domain company that you can buy a domain name from for only £1.99 and I will also provide details of a hosting company that will host your website for only £1.49 per Month. All you have to do is earn more than £1.49 per Month (If you can't do that give up) and you're in profit. However, get between 10-30 visitors to your site per day and you will make a small fortune. Get more visitors than that and well..... Need I say any more?

So there you have it! Everything you need to start building your very own adsense empire. Your own online business. All for a one off payment of only £17.00. Delivery is instant as soon as you complete payment. You can get started in less than one minute from now.

Delivery is automatic & normally instant. 

(Usually instant, but invariably within 12 hours)

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